S01 - E05 - Hiatus

Ted Talks / Rod Stewart, The Faces & Mini-Rod / Getting Jobs


 James and Neil reach the mid-season mark, and show no signs of stopping as they move from talking ideas (Ted Talks), to talking standards (Rod Stewart & The Faces), to talking about Talking Turkey—or in this case the lack thereof, as they take-on their recording hiatus.  

The fellows begin with James' observation and lament of the current vogue of ideas exemplified by the soaring popularity of Ted Talks.  The two look to John Keats as a possible antidote to the cult of ideas.  

The boys then turn to a struggling attempt to define the genre of the "musical standard."  This discussion leads, quite unexpectedly, to the corpus of Rod Stewart (both his body of work and his legendary buns), which rapidly nose-dives into an exploration of the hijinks of Rod and kindred spirit "mini-Rod."  

Finally, Neil and James turn to their recording hiatus (imperceptible to the listener), and discuss their respective post-PhD pursuits. James plans to put together what sounds like a very promising tree-planting podcast, and Neil hopes to not go postal whilst actually going postal.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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