S01 - E04 - The Well Has Been Poisoned

90's & 00's Music / 9 to 5s / The Arcade Fire / Bumper Stumpers


It's #tbt on Talking Turkey, episode four gets nostalgic with 90's music, aughties music, 9 to 5s....and Bumper Stumpers. 

James and Neil begin with a not so sunny recollection of the music of the late 90s; which, it turns out, orbits heavily around Matthew Good. The two then recall the shock and awe of encountering the garage rock revival of the Strokes at the dawn of the 00s.  The conversation wraps up, as most should, with an homage to the classic Canadian film Going Down the Road.

Next, cued by Arcade Fire's "Antichrist Television Blues," the fellows turn to slightly more serious matters by probing the "follow your dreams and never sell out" VS. the "get a haircut and get a real job" debate. 

 Finally, the boys wind things up with a misty memory of Canadian game show Bumper Stumpers, and the surprising lessons for race relations found in auto racing, of all places. Please Enjoy!

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