Talking Turkey is....

  • the kind of conversation you've been missing. 
  • an improvised dialogue that may be offensive to some more sensitive listeners and usually includes explicit language.
  • a weekly podcast that covers a wide-range of topics from arts & culture to language & philosophy...but it's often absurd and takes half-baked ideas altogether too seriously.
  • an ongoing conversation between Neil Finlayson and James Nicholson, two Canadian PhD candidates in English Literature (British Romanticism).
  • a show that's about 40 min in length. 
  • a completely independent production
  • a labour of love

.Talking Turkey wouldn't have happened, if it wasn't for...

  • the patient support of our friends and family---especially Hilary and Lisa!
  • music and production help from Tristan Whitehead and his band To Good Friends (Tristan Whitehead & Duncan Ault).
  • the talent and generosity of Liz Whitehead, who designed our wonderful artwork.  
  • the last-minute guardian angel, Jordan Mack, who lent his voice, slide guitar, and talent to our opening theme song and really brought it to life. 

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