S01 - E06 - Victor on the Outer Hebrides

Treeplanting / PhD / Frankenstein / 'Tis


Eavesdrop on a phone call between Neil and James in a concept episode that covers a lot of ground--from a clearcut in British Columbia to an apartment in Toronto. Topics range from Frankenstein and Frank McCourt to Panasonic Shockwaves and "binder knocking." Also, peak behind the curtain as the boys continue their losing battle against the outro.

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Treeplanting articles - "Treeplanting is Really Awful" (Vice), "Treeplanting becoming full-time employment..."  (CBC news)


S01 - E05 - Hiatus

Ted Talks / Rod Stewart, The Faces & Mini-Rod / Getting Jobs


 James and Neil reach the mid-season mark, and show no signs of stopping as they move from talking ideas (Ted Talks), to talking standards (Rod Stewart & The Faces), to talking about Talking Turkey—or in this case the lack thereof, as they take-on their recording hiatus.  

The fellows begin with James' observation and lament of the current vogue of ideas exemplified by the soaring popularity of Ted Talks.  The two look to John Keats as a possible antidote to the cult of ideas.  

The boys then turn to a struggling attempt to define the genre of the "musical standard."  This discussion leads, quite unexpectedly, to the corpus of Rod Stewart (both his body of work and his legendary buns), which rapidly nose-dives into an exploration of the hijinks of Rod and kindred spirit "mini-Rod."  

Finally, Neil and James turn to their recording hiatus (imperceptible to the listener), and discuss their respective post-PhD pursuits. James plans to put together what sounds like a very promising tree-planting podcast, and Neil hopes to not go postal whilst actually going postal.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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S01 - E04 - The Well Has Been Poisoned

90's & 00's Music / 9 to 5s / The Arcade Fire / Bumper Stumpers


It's #tbt on Talking Turkey, episode four gets nostalgic with 90's music, aughties music, 9 to 5s....and Bumper Stumpers. 

James and Neil begin with a not so sunny recollection of the music of the late 90s; which, it turns out, orbits heavily around Matthew Good. The two then recall the shock and awe of encountering the garage rock revival of the Strokes at the dawn of the 00s.  The conversation wraps up, as most should, with an homage to the classic Canadian film Going Down the Road.

Next, cued by Arcade Fire's "Antichrist Television Blues," the fellows turn to slightly more serious matters by probing the "follow your dreams and never sell out" VS. the "get a haircut and get a real job" debate. 

 Finally, the boys wind things up with a misty memory of Canadian game show Bumper Stumpers, and the surprising lessons for race relations found in auto racing, of all places. Please Enjoy!

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S01 - E03 - A Restaurant Fully Staffed by Toddlers

Birth Music / Hops & Craft Beer / Mushroom Explosions / Post-Restaurant


On this, the third outing of Talking Turkey, Neil and James--fully satiated from their Thanksgiving repasts--continue their conversational gobbling.  The fellows begin with a loose and wide-ranging discussion of the optimal "birth music." Bringing their modest and, frankly, unqualified riffing to the miracle of childbirth the two consider which tunes—from Elton John to Salt ‘n Pepa —might make for the best delivery room playlist.  Next, the two train their noodling upon a discussion of optimal exercise music.  James recollects that other James’ (James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem) atmospheric running track, which gets the boys weighing the merits of beats versus post-rock whilst exercising.  Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, the case is made for old sad bastard music, like the National or Dirty Beaches, over straight beats per minute. 

Following this delightful romp, Neil and James take on the craft beer revolution, and in particular craft beer’s propensity for serious and arguably excessive hops. Neil begins by whining about the overwhelming flavour of hops, but a mushroom explosion brings him around to the unique and particular flavour notes found therein, as well as the sea change brought forth by the brewpubs that serve them. 

In the final segment, the fellows wonder if a 'post-restaurant' is possible. Food Trucks and take-out quickly give way to more aggressive options. Steering clear of the whacky waiters and unsuspecting diners found in a Just for Laughs vignette, Neil and James envision what a 'post-restaurant' might look like. They consider alternatives ranging from cat burglar chefs, to a violent and Kafkaesque wait-staff, before settling on a restaurant fully staffed by toddlers.

Enjoy the show!