S01 - E10 - Resolution, or, The Void Gobbles Back *NEW*

Audio Giftie / Audience Qs / Big Buddhie / Resolution


Can a conversational romp have a finale? Have Neil and James run out of turkeys? Find out--once and for all--in the Talking Turkey season finale.

With nary a butterball in sight, Neil and James receive a "giftie," before chasing after some listener turkeys. In the end, all that seems to matter is an old apartment, a telephone pole, and a really "big buddhie."

Stick around for the extended outro as the lads peer into the show's murky future.

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S01 - E09 - Tight Smile

Office Greetings / Romanticism / Professorial Type


As season one flaps towards completion, Neil and James consider the minimally effective office greeting--the tight smile--before contemplating some looser alternatives. 

With beaks pursed, the turkeys then waddle into their own field of study--Romanticism--and consider what makes someone a Romanticist. Is there a type? 

From here, these would-be professors consider a few professorial types, which inevitably devolves into a character study of a professor who doesn't believe in pants...

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S01 -E08 - Gobble Up The Darkness

Facts / Wonder / Work / It is What It Is


Neil and James take a walk on the dark side...

The fellows begin with a thorough airing of their beef with facts.  By way of “daddy’s war book” and portable internet, the two find consolation in Wordsworth and the possibility of undertaking a serious late-life pscychedelics binge. 

From here, the boys explore the shift from innocence to experience that occurs when one makes the transition into the working world.  Weighing the rhetoric of Arcade Fire, Mac Demarco, and—quelle surprise—Wordsworth against the necessity of having to go work, the fellows find themselves surprised by facts after all. 

Then, Neil follows James on one of his Guelph river rambles.  As James pushes further down the river he finds a series of dwellings that move from the innocence of a teenage hideaway to something far more fitting of the deep, dark woods. 

Next, it is what it is—is it? It is not.  The boys visit this heavily trafficked phrase and parse out its meaning by tracing its trajectory from a genuine place of linguistic impasse to the statement of postmodern apathy.  Finally, Neil and James take some time to consider where Talking Turkey fits in a cultural context that seems to demand substantial takeaways.  In so doing the fellows come to their own dark realization that the alliterative “TT” casts Talking Turkey as the strange foil to Ted Talks.  In the end it is all mist, and that is just fine.   

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S01 - E07 - Neil's List

The Shining / Enrique / Pronouncing the Word "Lawyer"


A classic turkey romp in advance of American Thanksgiving, Episode 7 offers an update on Neil's "postie" training, followed a tour through his nearly endless list. Topics range free and this one goes to 12.  

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